Library Media Specialist
If you're a Library Media Specialist or a Tech Liasion in one of the Clarkstown Schools who fields questions from users about using Google Apps, here are some resources to help you out.
Library Media Specialist Resources
 Google Calendar Training (11 minutes)
  • Troubleshoot common Calendar issues
  • Link to tools, resources, and documentation
  • Explore case examples and exercises
 Google Groups Training (11 minutes)
  • Troubleshoot top 5 Groups issues
  • Dig deeper with Telnet tests
  • Explore case examples and exercises
Google Mail & Calendar Troubleshooting

(training slides)
Learn to:
  • Quickly resolve common issues with Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Use Google's online resources to troubleshoot issue

Understanding Google Apps 

                 Contact Support
IT Help Desk Support
Other resources

Gmail Search & Keyboard shortcuts
Keep this cheat sheet handy.
Explore Google Labs 
Enable offline mail, Gmail superstars, Undo send, and much more.
Become a Gmail Ninja
Get even moretips on reading and managing your email.