Google Groups
Groups can be used as mailing lists, discussion forums, and to share calendars, docs, sites, and videos with co-workers within domain. If you need a Google Group, you must contact your Library Media Specialist who would be able to assist you with creating a Google Group for your building (using the naming conventions provided).

Get started with Google Groups

Using Google Groups 

Use this guide to:

  • Find groups in your Groups directory
  • Create and join groups
  • Browse and search group discussions
  • Send mail to a group
  • Invite a group to a meeting
  • Share a doc with a group

How can I try the new Google Groups?

If we haven't yet switched you to the new Google Groups, you can switch yourself. Just go to Groups and click the Switch to the new Google Groups link at the top of the page. 

Can I switch back to the old Groups afterwards?

Sure! For a while, you're free to switch back and forth between the new and classic versions of Groups as much as you want. From Groups, just open the gear menu and choose Revert to the old Google Groups. (If you don't see this option, your new Groups has become permanent.)

Will the new Groups eventually become permanent?

Yes. Eventually the new version of Groups will become permanent and you won't be able to switch back to the classic version of Groups. But hopefully you'll have had enough time to get used to the changes!

I can't find the link for switching to the new Groups.

We're rolling out the new Groups in stages. If you don't see the link for switching to it now, you'll probably see it soon. Or if your domain administrator has opted out of showing promotions for new features, the link for transitioning to the new Groups won't be available. Instead, you'll have to wait until the new Groups becomes permanent before you can use it.